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Jaanu Let's have destination wedding at Jim Corbett!
(My Partner Said)

Oh! just marry that person already!! Though you definitely deserve to know how this beautiful idea of destination wedding at Jim Corbett came across? The love for nature or anything else special? 😀 Well, whatever it is, we can make it unforgettable (POSITIVELY) for you and for your guests.

Destination wedding at Jim Corbett resorts

  • 70+ Resorts in our Pannel list.

  • Accommodation + Meals + Decor + Entertainment.

  • One Point sollution for your all Event at Jim corbett.

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Relax! We can take of EVERYTHING for you!

Wedding Invites, Venue, Catering, Bridal/Groom Makeup, Special Entries, Photography, DJ, Wedding Cake, Gifting, Transportation aaanndd... That should be enough maybe? Or maybe you need something special? Just let us know and we'll arrange it.

So the point is, Jim Corbett is like a home to us and therefore we have got a strong and reliable network of all types of vendors and Bhaiya Ji's to give you the 360 degree solution at your budget.

We have tie-ups with the handpicked resorts of Jim Corbett and when it's an event held by us in any of these resorts then you get the special treatment, thanks to the relationships and trust built by our hardworking managers. We truly believe that if there's anyone out there who can make your special day even more special and bindaass then that's us! The best part about us is that we don't have any fixed budgets rather we customize the whole solution in the finest way according to your budget.


Personal Assistance


High Quality Vendors


Awesome Experience

Picture-perfect themed destination wedding


We also specialize in theme weddings so all you have to do is just cook thoughts in your mind and share the same with us for ground level execution. Believe us! We are really good at it 🙂

Because getting married in the jungle is just not different enough!

Themed weddings makes it even more special and memorable for everyone if planned and executed carefully and most importantly by the professionals. And you have found us! Such a lovely coincidence it is 🙂

Honor the Nature at your Wedding

Wouldn't it be great to pay honor to the nature if you're getting married in the heart of the forest, the most important part of nature. We can organize eco-friendly weddings in which we strictly avoid using plastic disposables and adopt numerous green ways which doesn't hurt the nature as much as it does in our typical weddings.


Anything Means Anything

  • Wedding Invites

  • Venue

  • Menu Creation

  • Catering

  • Bridal/Groom Makeup

  • Special Entries

  • Decoration and Lighting

  • Photography/Videography

  • Mehendi Artists

  • DJ

  • Wedding Cake

  • Gifting

  • Transportation Facilities

  • Spa services

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